Spring Clean

Ok havent felt much like blogging lately. Not really sure why – I couldnt seem to write about what I’d be doing or my thoughts.
Anyway I decided I would just start writing so here I am.

What have I been up to?? – well after we go rid of Grandma after christmas just the four of us went down to Cornwall for a few days. A customer of dad’s has lives on a farm down there and has several converted barns (luxury converted barns) which him and his wife rent out.
We stayed in one of these – it was so nice inside – quite open and spacious but still really cosy.
Even though it rained most of the time we were there we had a good time. It was nice to go somewhere different.

New year – was quiet but to be honest was a dream new year. Apart from the fact I was on my own. My parents went out with some other crumblies down to the Riverstation – restaurant/bar down by the docks and then went to our neighbours house up the road so I didnt see them till about 2.30 in the mornin. Sister was also out having some teenager rock music party and I had made no plans so I stayed in.
Ended up watchin the traditional Hootennany with Jools Holland followed by more late night telly and repeats.

Watched the fireworks from upstairs at midnight. I was surprised how many there were considering it had been raining all day. It seemed by luck that it had stopped for around half an hour and cleared up. Fireworks were being let off all over south Bristol. Lovely sight.

Now everyone’s back to work/school and stuff. Been helping mum ‘spring clean’ the house. Basically invoving taking anything christmassy down and putting it back in the attic and tidying round a bit. It feels less cluttered now without rows of samey christmas cards sitting everywhere.
I’m being taken back down to Plymouth on saturday. Sorta looking forward to getting back down there. I might be forced to get a saturday job or something cus I’m lacking in the old loan a bit.

Any Green Wing fans out there – I’m among them – looking forward to the GreenWing special tonight Channel 4. Hopefully it wont be but it’s hinting that it’s the last one ever. Noooo


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