2nd post..Resolutions

Thought I’d think about my resolutions for this year – like nearly 2 weeks into it already.
My official resolutions this year – lose a bit of weight – I’m not really overweight but I would like to be about half a stone lighter. So I’m starting to cut the huge amount of fat I eat out of my diet. I’m trying to generally eat less – stick to regular size meals a bit more than just eating all the time.
Also been running a few times and going to try and keep fit and exercise regularly – not much of a problem for me really.

Another personal one is to stop biting my nails. It’s a very compulsive habit and I’m sick of biting my nail down as far as it goes without realising I’m doing it. I’m trying to realise when I’m doing it which is mainly in lectures or when I’m bored.

Went into town earlier just for a couple of things and ended up going into Waterstones looking at the sales and managed to buy 4 books.
I was kind of after the new Ben Elton book cus I think he is a great writer and I always get along with his books.
I also managed to find another 2 on the BTGOF stand and then go distracted by a book called ‘Amo, Amas Amat and all that – how to become a Latin lover’. I’ve always been fascinated by languages and origins of them etc so I thought I had to give it a go.

Better start reading then.


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