I had a lecture today with a new lecturer. He is the spitting image of Sean Lock.
He didnt sound like him at all. Just thought I’d share that.

Just been shopping and come back. Bought a lot more healthy food than usual. Stayed away from the ready meals. Mum sent me the recipe for the nice veg soup that she makes so bought the ingredients for that – I might make it tomorrow. It makes a big batch so I can freeze it for future use.

I also started one of my new books last night. It’s called Starter For 10 by David Nicholls. I can relate to it so much. It’s set in 1985 with this boy leaving school and going off to university. He has different tastes to a lot of people and isnt one of the ‘popular’ crowd. He’s always been a fan of university challenge and sees a notice about a test to get into a team for it. Also he meets a girl and tries – somewhat badly – to impress her.
If that didnt sound that interesting – well it’s good honest. It depends what you like really.


One response to “Double

  1. Share the recipe please Moochy. All I’ve got for soup are pumpkin and tomato and I need to expand my repetoire. Having said that the kids really only like tomato……

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