Stormy Weather

All these horrific storms, strong winds and people’s houses being blown apart etc is all over the news at the moment so obviously many people are aware of it.
I was debating this issue in the hour break between lectures with Jess.
Really – why are people surprised this is happening? Record worst storms for 17 years etc. Did they really not see it coming. We’re warming up the planet at a rate of knots. I think eventually the human race with eventually end up wiping itself out.

Also we’e not doing a lot to stop the planet warming up or changing the weather conditions. Ok many more places are becoming more ‘green’ and getting into recycling but there should be a law on it. It’s shouldnt be optional to put your plastic in a recycling bag or collection place. So much energy is saved just be re-using plstic milk containers or glass jars.

Another thing – we should make use of all this wind. One wind turbine on the roof of the average factor will keep its power going without using any other electricity. This should be compulsory. It should be the top of the governments agenda – to save on power by using wind turbines, making solar panels or similar for people to use in the houses, using in large offices or schools.

Something I feel quite passionately about is the complete waste of money on ‘new shopping centres, car parks, re-paving city centres’ all this malarkey. Billions could be spent on actually stopping peolpe using at much energy, or not using their cars as much.


2 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. I’m not too sure about the whole global warming thing. Climate has been changing constantly for millions of years. I’ll believe it when they find hard proof. And surely we were all much dirtier 100-200 years ago, the industrial revolution and all that. All cities covered in fog, diseases, etc…
    Everyone should save resources and that though, global warming or not. Physically the planet is in a mess too.
    I’d love to use my car less but the transport system is generally unuseable. Using alternative transport to get anywhere near me probably takes at least 3 times as long (and that’s at peak hours!) and costs twice as much. Before 7 am or after 7pm can it’s much worse.
    To drive from my house to Birmingham city centre takes 20 minutes (30 if busy). Probably about £2.
    To get the train I’d have to drive 20 minutes to Coventry, pay £6 to park at the station, queue for 5 minutes to buy a train ticket for about £4. Maybe a 10-15 minute wait for a train. Then it’s a 25 minute train ride (35 minutes if it’s the local one), all going well. If I’m really lucky I’ll even be able to sit down!
    And that’s just one way. Joke eh?

  2. Public transport is a shambles I agree.
    Yeh obviously the climate is changing anyway. I feel that we cant stop that – its nature. But we can do some things to stop wasting fossil fuels and killing off other species.

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