Thursday Thirteen

Thought I’d do this traditional thursday thirteen things. I’ve decided on

13 wonderful gifts I’ve ever received.

1 – First one I thought of – earlier today two housemates went out for a drive to a nearby beach. Esther brought me back a small shell she’d found. I collect shells and I have millions of them at home but it was quite special and thoughtful to get someone small but nice.

2 – My laptop – well I received around £1000 for my 18th birthday. Even from a grandad which I never speak to so I was able to buy a laptop to take to uni. My pride and joy

3 – A plastic windmill – long time ago but I went to the shops with my mum a long time ago. I was bored and I waited in the car and asked her to buy me a magazine. She couldnt find the one I wanted but bought me one of those plastic child’s windmills that you put in sandcastles. I still have to stuck in the garden at home. Something so simple can be pretty fun.

4 – Teddy – 18th birthday pressie from my best mate. It’s big and fluffy and I love hugging it when I need a hug. And you know how teddies always listen and dont talk back.

5 – TC (Thomas Cat) – Present given to me when I was less than 1 year old. It’s a knitted Tom Cat much alike the Tom and Jerry. It used to go everywhere with me. He was the one of a few cuddly animal/toys that came to uni with me.

6 – Ronan concert tickets – My first time I saw Ronan in Bristol Colston Hall – mum bought me the tickets in July – around 7 months before the gig and they became my birthday present in August.

7 – My bunnies – My old rabbits were a birthday present. I went on and on about having rabbits so we went to collect them. Me and my sis picked one each – Daisy was mine and Dandelion was Hannah’s. I loved them to bits but after a while I think I was the only one looking after them. 2 years ago, they both died within about 2 weeks of each other.

8 – My cats – Strictly I suppose they were gifts. Dad’s friend who owend a farm has a little of kittens and so we ended up with two of them. I’ll never forget the day dad came home with a box saying he had a surprise for us. Opening the box 2 little kittens jumped out. Not long after they were christened Sooty and Sweep.

9 – Post 16 humanities award. A while after I left 6th form, my sis came home at the end of term and said in the last assembly I had got the humanities award for the post 16s. I was like OMG!! I had been in the school for 7 years and I had never won so much as a peanut. I was feeling a bit drained because I worked my socks off for my A levels and wasnt sure about how some of the exams went. I was feeling like a right nerd because most of the 2nd year I was the only one who turned up for half of my lessons. I felt so happy and proud when I was awarded a book token – choose my own book and be presented with it at awards evening.

10 – Champagne – Proper champagne. Got a bottle for my 18th birthday. I was going to drink it on my birthday when I had a load of friends round but ended up falling asleep on the sofa late in the evening due to a v late night the night before. I drank it with parents a few days later and it was lovely.

11 – My parents. Not sure who that’s a gift from but I love them to bits. They brought me up proper.

12 – The love from my friends. Friends are great. Cheesy but when they support you and just chat to you when you need a chat – that’s a great gift.

13 – My blog… um.. just because.


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