Party Party Party

I went to Vikkie’s 21st birthday party last night. In one word it was amazing.
She’s hired out a big room in the top of a social club place in Bedminster. Invited most of the Argos lot, current mates and everything. She also all old mates from school/6th form that we’ve sort of drifted apart from. Most of them came as well. It was great to see Dawn – I worked out I think the last time I saw her was before she went working in Guatemala – around the same time as I started at uni. I also caught up with Kim, Candie, Jodie, Ali, and Lisa. I have been talking to Lisa now and again but we don’t seem to have been free at the same time for ages. It’s difficult when you live in different places and don’t see each other in everyday life.

I’m sure Vik had a great time too. She looked happy to see old mates and was dancing with her bf for a bit. Everyone got up and had a dance at some point. I was dancing away to some cheesy music at times and the same old chart stuff too.
Alex requested Queen on and suddenly it was obvious who the Queen fans were as me, Alex, Lisa, and Kim were the only ones on the dance floor.
The last song the DJ played was I had the time of my life – yeh that one from Dirty dancing. The song, I admit, is pure meaningless cheese but as everyone went onto the dance floor and all grouped together for the last song it felt really good. I think that song will now be meaningful as a reunion of friends, and a tribute to a great party and a great night.

It made me think that fun isnt always something that is always there. People were really relaxed last night and most of them were genuinely happy to have fun and see each other but no-one was trying too hard and I think that’s why it was good. Fun has to be something spontaneous for it to have an effect.

I’m writing this on the train back to Plymouth. I wanted to come back fairly early on Saturday. I’m not a big fan of going home just for a couple of days unless I’m actually going home for a reason. I love seeing my parents and seeing Bristol but sometimes I just sit about waiting for the time to get the train back to Plymouth. It’s different when I’m actually on holiday but I came back for Vikkie’s party, which was Friday night so I might as well go back to Plymouth and get on with things there rather than just sitting about at home.


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