Any Casualty fans or people who watched it last night might know there was a guy who was burned by his cooker – had horrible burns down his legs – and was obsessed with his dead wife and was wearing her dresses.
This scene was filmed in my house in Bristol last autumn. The BBC put a leaflet through the door looking for a house that was appropriate and they fancied ours so mum rang them back. They gave us quite a bit of money for filming there for 3 days. The 2 scenes of the house are about 20 seconds long tho which makes me laugh.
It was really weird watching it and seeing my hallway and my kitchen. Slightly odd seeing this old ‘transvestite’ sitting on my kitchen floor next to a fake cooker.

Anyway – bit of news there – I think it’s pretty cool.


2 responses to “Casualty

  1. Oddly enough, I have had men in dresses with third degree burns in my kitchen before.


  2. Lol.. I wont ask :-0

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