Havent written a blog for nearly a week so I thought I’d do one now.
Quite pleased with England’s achievement in sports this week. Last week was the opening match of the Six Nations in the rugby. We killed Scotland in that match thanks mainly to
this man. 

Also beat Italy this afternoon. People seem to say after the match that we were struggling in that match but with a score of  20-7 I dont really agree there. Johnny on form and superb try by Jason Robinson.

We have also been doing well in the One Day series in the Cricket. Michael Vaughan is out again with a different injury unconnected to the knee thing. However we beat Australia yesterday and are doing well in general. I dont really know much about how the one day series thing works. I’ve been following the each match tho. The only cricket I usually watch is the Ashes until last year – been getting into it more. Cricket is a great sport.

I’ve basically stopped going rowing mainly cus members of the club are fucking about and some things have not been particularly fair. Also just because I dont seem to enjoy it as much as I used to. I used to be passionate about it when I first got into it but now there are different people in the club and most of my friends are outside the club and I prefer doing things with them. Hopefully over the summer I’ll get to do more rowing for the City of Bristol club because they actually go rowing.

I’ve been running a lot more and building up to longer routes again. Me and a couple of housemates are going swimming tomorrow. I havent been swimming for yonks. Dont know why really cus I enjoy it. I used to swimming all the time as a kid. But trying to get into doing more interesting leisure activities at the moment. Typical student ‘going out and getting pissed’ doesnt appeeal much anymore. Not that I dont like getting drunk. Just more sophisticated drunk.


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