Love this

This post is good.


5 responses to “Love this

  1. I remember one particular shared house.
    Most nights, three of us would be sitting watching the box. The fourth, a dairy farmer, would arrive in his niffy work overalls just after 7p.m., prop open the front door and wheel his three trillion cc red Ducati
    ‘thing’ across the carpet (inconsiderately between us and the TV), en-route to his bedroom which luckily was on the ground floor.

    Seems he couldn’t sleep if his baby wasn’t near.

  2. Oops, shows himself to be a right twit – lumping a comment in the wrong post.

  3. That’s unfortunate. Luckily none of us has an attachment to something that should be outside.

  4. Thankyou for saying you liked my post and linking to it.

    I love your post about your visiting frog. Perhaps he was a Valentine prince in disguise. I hope you remembered to give him a kiss before you said goodbye!

  5. No probs. Was nice to read.

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