Love, Friends

Been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the last couple of days. I think it’s because Valentine’s day is coming up and I’m single (again). No surprise there.
Really sweet thing happened earlier on. My housemate Barry – lovely caring individual – bit weird sometimes but generally good mate – bought the 3 girls in the house (including me yeh) a big bar of rocky road chocolate from this posh choccie shop in town. I thought that was sweet. He has a girlfriend and they have a good relationship even though she lives in Bristol but he still has time for his mates.

I felt quite happy and relaxed earlier. There were just 4 of us sitting in the kitchen watchin afternoon telly this afternoon but I’ve come to see how nice it is living with a bunch of friends, especially when everyone gets on well and can just chill out together without feeling they have to.


5 responses to “Love, Friends

  1. Ello sweetheart ive read ur blog which by the way is very intersting, cant wait for the nxt installment u lead a very interesting life. dont worry bout the rowing club ive heard the standards have risen since the new freshers have joined ! I would love to try some of ur carrot soup im from plymouth aswell and would love to maybe meet up and go on a picnic and eat/drink some of ur carrrot soup, mmmmmmm!!!! love jim bo

  2. Hello – thanx for the comment. Do I know you?

  3. no u dont no me i was jus browisng the web, which i do everynite normally 5 til 12 then i go bed, i love it!!!!!
    I was wondering if u have details for other soups, i want one for liver with cucumber? I think it will taste like a dream!!!
    ive looked at ur photos its looks like u live a wild life all those CRAZY nites out with ur wacky mates wen do u hav chance to do work or go rowing? jim bo

  4. I dont really have details no. That’s the only soup I’ve ever made but if I come across one I’ll put it on here.
    Ha ha – random photos arent they. I dont go out all the time tho.

  5. We should go out tho sumtime when ur next back which is hopefully soon as i wanna go out drinkin! Hello Jim Bo as well btw so im not called rude ignorin ppl. How r u anyway? Not spoken 2 u in ages. U no u always have me especially round valentines day. anyway i hav housework 2 do so shall speak 2 u lter either online or ill txt ya xxxxxxxx

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