Bringing nature to the home

Strange thing happened last night. I was just getting into bed and listening to music on my laptop when I heard Esther shouting ‘Oh My God there’s a frog in the kitchen’. I legged it out of bed and downstairs eager to see it.
I have many frogs in my pond at home and I think they are the cutest things. She was right – it hid under the freezer. We managed to ease it out with a chop-stick but it was trying to hop away across the floor and hid under the table. While Luke was videoing it on his phone, I managed to pick it up carefully and take it outside. I let it go just outside the door and it hopped off.
I have no idea how it managed to get in. Our cats used to bring them in when they were younger but there are no cats here. My thought is that the kitchen door was open for a while when people were cooking or someone was outside and it managed to sneak in. Poor lost frog – hopefully it’s in a place somewhat nicer for a frog than the corner of our kitchen.


4 responses to “Bringing nature to the home

  1. The corner of your kitchen was just so cosy though. Sorry if I upset anyone but after seeing those chop sticks I was hoping for some noodles to eat. They’re my favourite.

  2. Where are you now? Have you found a nice pond? Feel free to come back and visit sometime.

  3. Don’t indulge him. Before you know it he has flooded your living room.

  4. I’ve found a lovely little pond now thank you. It’s a bit cramped with all my tadpoles so were looking for somewhere bigger. The view is good though so I can’t complain.

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