Inspiration – Conjoined Twins

I’ve just watched a programme on channel 5 – Extroadinary People – The twins who share a body. It’s just mind blowing.
Especially someone who studies the brain/mind/how human beings work, it was so weird to watch.

The girls are joined sort of half way down. They’ve got two heads, and a wider top half and two hearts, but 3 lungs. They have two separate spines at the top but towards the middle they become one person and only have one bottom half.
When the programme was made, the girls were celebrating their 16th birthday and were just learning to drive. They obviously were capable of doing most things in life fairly competently.

If they separated them, it’s clear that one would die, and there does seem to be a dominant twin but they each control an arm, and neither can feel sensation in the other half of the body.

There are so many issues in this area. Do you treat them as one person or two separate ones. because they have two brains and therefore different personalities and can think like two people but physically they are really only one person.

More here

I’m still sitting here amazed – it’s mind blowing.


2 responses to “Inspiration – Conjoined Twins

  1. ah i saw bits of that. its part disturbing, part amazing. I don’t know if the driving is a good thing though?!

  2. Yeh the driving was pretty weird. The amount of communication between them as one was controlling the accelerator/brake pedals and the other had the clutch, both were steering. They seemed to be pretty good at it tho.
    They seemed to interact so well as if living like that all their lives had taught their brains to almost be ‘one’ as most of the time, they were controlling the same body.

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