Ooooh it feels like a friday. For the rest of this term all I have on friday is one stats lecture. That would be fine if it wasnt 9.00 in the morning. I’m finished for the week at 10.00 am. I suppose it’s good for doing work cus I can do things for the rest of the day.

I might be going out tonight. One of ‘the girls’ – Sarah – it was her birthday yesterday so having a night out tonight. Most people are dressing up as gangstas as some kind of theme but I dont have anything that looks anything like gangsta attire and am not prepared to buy anything so maybe just look nice- that’ll do.

It’s bloody scary – I realise the other day that we only have 4 weeks till the end of term. Even though we’re got less work than last term – or most of us do, the thought of it still scares me. This year is going very quickly. It’ll be my last year next year.

In the skills workshop yesterday, we were talking about writing CV’s and preparing for applying for jobs or applying for PHd’s etc. I just had this thought that I was looking forward to leaving uni and actually looking for a proper job and earning proper money. I’ve never really had a proper job – not more than random part time holiday stuff.
I love being at uni, its great fun and I like learning stuff and not actually having to have a job etc but I think when I leave here I would have had enough of studying for the minute.
I like to think of a career in sports psychology – maybe teaching it to kids or working with athletes or similar. I feel it would suit me.

I feel more confident about leaving uni lately. I suppose that’s what they are trying to teach us, that’s what you’re supposed to feel – that by the time you leave uni you are prepared and have the right skills to get a good job. It’s one of those things you hear but you dont know until you get there and it affects you.
It’s inevitable really – it’s a part of growing up and changing and having experience of the world. These things felt a bit daunting and not something I was ready for when I was 16 and leaving school, I felt that I’d rather get experience and feel more mature by going to 6th form and then probably on to university but now I just feel it would be nice not to let another year pass and think about the essays I’m writing or turning up to lectures. I’ve been here long enough.

Bit of positive thought for the day there – I like writing positive things down and going through my thoughts. Sometimes to read back over when I need cheering up and just to keep a note of my thoughts.


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