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Mobile phones are stupid!!

Well maybe not that bad. Maybe just ringtones then.
When you get phones they don’t have any ringtones that anyone would ever want to use set on them. Apart from maybe the Nokia Tune which is the one I am using at the moment. The problem is everyone has that ringtone – it’s so unoriginal and I keep checking my phone when someone else’s near me rings.
I want something personal that I know if my own phone ringing and is pleasurable to listen to – even if no-one ever rings me on it.

I had a look for ringtones on the net last night having one in mind. I wanted Vivaldi’s Spring from the Four Seasons. I found it in lots of places but either my phone was not compatible, or it didnt have WAP or didnt deliver. I’m not prepared to spend another £4.50 on a ringtone that doesnt arrive. It annoys me so much that it’s just a scam – they want your money and are not prepared to give you quality back but no-one can stop these fascists.
I have to admit whilst being quite technoological minded with computers and ipods etc I’m definitely not when it comes to mobile phones. The simpler the better.
I have no idea whether my phone has WAP or if it does how to work it, or download a ringtone.

I have a NOKIA 2310. I would like a polyphonic version of Vivaldi’s Spring – if anyone knows of where I can get it and how – please share.

Work sucks

Been hard at work getting coursework done before I go home for easter next week. I just finished 2 bits earlier than I expected which only leaves me the practical write up to do tomorrow and early next week.

Just had some of my pride hurt when I picked up a piece of coursework from earlier in the term and saw that I hadn’t done very well on it. I did think I might miss a few marks because after I handed it in I realised I’d left a bunch of tables out of the appendix. But apprently I mis-read some of the data and lots of other picky marker’s nit-picking in it.

I really need a higher mark on the other piece of coursework in this module otherwise that’s not good.

The exams are getting on my tits too. I’m trying to get the work done now so I can start revision for the exams that start 4th May. The exams this year are quite close together so I need to get most of the revision done before they start. My past record in exams is mixed so I dont really know whether to do lots of work or just wing it. I’m thinking work is a better option seeing as they are essay questions and not multiple choice.

Good news – House starts tonight so having a girly night and drooling over Hugh Laurie lol.

How to…use a lift

How to… use a lift
Guy Browning

As featured in the Book entitled Never Push When It Says Pull: Small Rules for Little Problems
By Guy Browning

Calling a lift is easy. Simply press the button and wait.
And then press the button again. Many lifts work on
the pressure you exert on the call button, so hitting it a
hundred times will make it arrive a lot faster. Before you
get into the lift, it’s as well to check whether it’s going up
or down. There’s nothing more embarrassing than
saying confidently to a packed lift ‘Ground floor please’
and then feeling the lift rocketing upwards.
Getting into a crowded lift is like entering a mini
party. Everyone’s already settled in there and when the
doors open they all look at you as if to say, ‘You’re not
coming in here.’ Just take a big breath, step in and then
say something to break the ice such as, ‘You’re probably
wondering why I called you all here.’
This difficult entry moment explains why even when
the lift is the size of your living room and there’s only
one small lady in it, the tendency is to wait for the next
one. If the same lady is in the next one, it could be her
job to operate the lift, so just get in and stop being so silly.
In a crowded lift it’s very bad manners ever to face
anybody head on. You should always try and be at least
90 degrees to your neighbours so that an aerial view
would look as if you were all finding your way around a
particularly tight maze.
Never talk to someone in a lift unless you know which
button they’ve pressed and you can tailor your conversation
to the exact second. Restrict yourself to saying
‘Morning’. In a lift it’s acceptable to say this at any time
of night or day, because you’re in your own little world
without daylight. The other word everyone wants to say
in a lift, especially when the little bell pings, is ‘lingerie’.
Don’t say this unless you’re with people you know and
love or you’re absolutely positive the other person is
getting out.
You’re allowed to look at a stranger in a lift a
maximum of once, then you must look elsewhere for the
duration of your trip. That’s why it’s a relief when
everyone gets out and leaves you alone in the lift. You’re
then free to pull faces in the mirror, say ‘lingerie’ loudly
and pass wind extravagantly. Often at this moment you’ll
discover that the little lady is still in the lift with you.
Being in a lift means invading someone else’s body
space. This can be quite exciting when two people are
attracted to each other. Passions often ignite in lifts and
are sometimes even consummated. This can be awkward
for the other passengers, even at 90 degrees.

Who would win a fight – squirrel or hedgehog?

An on-going debate around university at the moment is which who would win the fight.
We’re talking about proper fight – no weapons/nuts/extra props. Which do you think would kill the other basically?

I am undecided on the matter. The hedgehog has the obvious defences and is a pretty tough creature when it’s curled up. However I’m not sure if the squirrel couldnt force its way in and use it’s teeth.
Any ideas?

Late night film review

I saw the film ‘The Illusionist’ last night. Very good film.
Pretty gripping and I’m not sure about other people but I didnt find it was predictable, usual love story or whatever. There was definitely a good story to it.

There seems to be a lot of magic type films coming out at the moment. A while ago there was The Prestige which apprently was excellent which I never got round to seeing. I also saw a trailer before Hot Fuzz for something about magicians with David Mitchell and Robert Webb in it. Looks more humourous but good so I’m looking forward to that.

9 questions…

I was feeling like I needed to blog something but I didnt know what to write about so I’ve decided to divide it into questions.

1. What was the last thing you cooked?
Tortelloni pasta with grated cheese and tomato puree

2. What was the last curse you said?
No idea – probly ‘bollocks’. It’s definitely an over used word in my vocabulary

3. What was the last DVD you watched?
Black Books series 1 last night in bed

4. What was the last book you read?
Um.. finished have no idea. Currently reading Moab Is My Washpost – Stephen Fry – very good book.

5. Name your favourite TV programme as a kid.
Oooh everything. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Playdays, The Wombles, anything much around in the early 90s really.

6. What’s your favourite city?
Cant decide – either Bristol or Plymouth just cus they’re the only places I’ve ever lived.

7. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?
Ronan Keating’s wife lol.

8. Dogs or cats?
Cats def.

9. What was the worst holiday you ever had?
Um.. I cant think of any holiday I really didnt enjoy but I remember camping in Cornwall when I was about 9 or 10 in a really crowded campsite, the tent we borrowed from a friend and it leaked, we were sleeping on a slope and it rained a lot. There were good parts too I’m sure.

Flashing and Ostriches

I flashed today – well not quite. A bunch of students had organised a small protest against top-up fees.
It was basically a flash-mob. Basically everyone was told thru flyers or a facebook group to go into the centre of town near the giant sundial fountain about 1.00. Someone would blow a whistle and when that happens, everyone has to run towards the fountain and open their top which would have a piece of paper with the amount of debt we would be in when we leave uni. We stand there and pose and then the whistle blows again and we all walk off.
Good idea I thought. It gets people’s attention definately with a bunch of people rushing together. It wasnt an awful lot of people but not a bad turn out. Made a point I think. I felt more like a proper student – doing a mad act of protest or just having fun without having to get pissed.

There was also a proper farmers market in town. A stand was doing Ostrich burgers and steaks etc cooked for you so three of us shared one. I have to say it is nice. It tastes very slightly like chicken but with the texture of a half done but not fatty beef steak. I rather enjoyed it.
We then walked round town a bit ans went to Sainsburys to get bits and bobs for the BBQ tomorrow. I remembered why I dont go into town on a Saturday or a weekend in general. You cant move for gangs of teenagers, chavs, mothers with pushchairs and old people with walking sticks who you cant walk past. Sorry to be a grumpy old person but GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!!. Why does no-one look where they are going?

Back in my house now.. going for a lil stroll to the bottle bank now to get our collection of bottles out of the kitchen.