Where’s all the sun gone?

Shock horror – it was almost like summer yesterday here in Plymouth.
Woke up normal time for a saturday (11.00 ish) and came down to have breakfast.
Sitting in the kitchen having cups of tea, I had the urge to go outside in the garden. It was lovely and sunny and really warm too. I would like to sit outside more often except when Rich is here he parks his car out the back which takes up most of the yard.
Back to the story – just us girls in the house so we decided to go down and meet another mate in the Union Rooms cus she was entertaining her visiting brother.
Turned out she wasnt going so we ended up walking down to the barbican and just sitting in the sunshine for a while. We got a drink in the Queen’s Arms which is one of the many pubs front on the front with outside seating. It was beautiful just sitting there having a chat – sunny afternoon with a slight breeze.
We met up with a couple of others and then decided to go to the co-op along the road, buy some snacks and drinks and take them up to the Hoe. I had my mind set on Pimms so I bought a bottle and some cheap lemonade and we walked up the hill.
After sitting there for a while some of us (yes including me) were a little bit drunk.
We headed back down to the barbican – mainly seeking the toilet but then had a drink in The Gog and Magog.
After a while, I was a bit drunk and the others were a bit tired so 3 of us left Jess to wait for Dave to have a drink with him. We walked home and ended up sitting on the sofa watching the telly all evening.
Woke up this morning to pouring rain again. Back to the norm I suppose.
Made a lovely smoothie tho. One banana, punnet of strawberries, some orange and mango fruit juice and a little bit of lemonade. Very nice combination.


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