Fun in the Sun

It’s been lovely weather this week. Most days its started sunny and been warm all day. Bit of rain at night which is the best way.
The thing about sunshine and the return to warm weather is that everyone is suddenly happier and more chilled than usual. I find most people I see all the time have been more positive – maybe it’s just me th you never know.

A few of us went to the cinema on wednesday. Jess and Luke were out on their date night so they went to see Knightrider together which is apprently quite good.
I went to see Hot Fuzz
one word


Very good film. I’m a big Simon Pegg/Nick Frost fan and that crew. Sean of the dead was good but this is soo much funnier. Quite gory – well tomato ketchup in many parts tho.

And news – this guy John who Jess knows came out with us a few days ago and I heard altho I wasnt supposed to that he likes me. That’s the main reason I invited him to the cinema.
Other reason – basically cus he’s nice, actually has a personality, and I want to get to know him a bit more and maybe things will happen with him. Been texting him a bit since but hopefully we can just take things slow and have fun. I do need my own space.
I’m quite an independent person – I dont like spending a lot of time with one person, or even lots of people. I’ll get bored of them and then either argue or ruin things.
I think I need to have someone who I can trust to be my friend and not to move quickly who is a bit clingy which I have had in the past.
Anyway – I might speak to him tomorrow at some point – otherwise we’re having a BBQ here on sunday afternoon so I might invite him to that if things are good.

Hopefully it will still be sunny.


One response to “Fun in the Sun

  1. I need to see that film but get rare chance to go cinema, Prob wait frot the DVD.
    Been lovely and sunny the last few days, although I thought it was about to snow earlier on the M1, big drops of icy rain started falling (while the sun was out!).
    Take it easy with the fella, hope it works out ok.

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