Flashing and Ostriches

I flashed today – well not quite. A bunch of students had organised a small protest against top-up fees.
It was basically a flash-mob. Basically everyone was told thru flyers or a facebook group to go into the centre of town near the giant sundial fountain about 1.00. Someone would blow a whistle and when that happens, everyone has to run towards the fountain and open their top which would have a piece of paper with the amount of debt we would be in when we leave uni. We stand there and pose and then the whistle blows again and we all walk off.
Good idea I thought. It gets people’s attention definately with a bunch of people rushing together. It wasnt an awful lot of people but not a bad turn out. Made a point I think. I felt more like a proper student – doing a mad act of protest or just having fun without having to get pissed.

There was also a proper farmers market in town. A stand was doing Ostrich burgers and steaks etc cooked for you so three of us shared one. I have to say it is nice. It tastes very slightly like chicken but with the texture of a half done but not fatty beef steak. I rather enjoyed it.
We then walked round town a bit ans went to Sainsburys to get bits and bobs for the BBQ tomorrow. I remembered why I dont go into town on a Saturday or a weekend in general. You cant move for gangs of teenagers, chavs, mothers with pushchairs and old people with walking sticks who you cant walk past. Sorry to be a grumpy old person but GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!!. Why does no-one look where they are going?

Back in my house now.. going for a lil stroll to the bottle bank now to get our collection of bottles out of the kitchen.


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