Who would win a fight – squirrel or hedgehog?

An on-going debate around university at the moment is which who would win the fight.
We’re talking about proper fight – no weapons/nuts/extra props. Which do you think would kill the other basically?

I am undecided on the matter. The hedgehog has the obvious defences and is a pretty tough creature when it’s curled up. However I’m not sure if the squirrel couldnt force its way in and use it’s teeth.
Any ideas?


2 responses to “Who would win a fight – squirrel or hedgehog?

  1. Well a squirrel could run circles around a hedgehog, so perhaps he could induce death by dizziness?
    Mind you, if the hedgehog simply got bored it might be the squirrel who dizzied himself into spinning impalement on those spikes?
    I guess the will to kill might also depend on how much the hedgehog smelt of hazelnut that day.

  2. A squirrel has a good chance. As long as it doesn’t crap itself and run up a tree.
    A hedgehogs good defence will not killl the opposition; eventually the crafty squirrel will find its way in I’m sure.

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