Work sucks

Been hard at work getting coursework done before I go home for easter next week. I just finished 2 bits earlier than I expected which only leaves me the practical write up to do tomorrow and early next week.

Just had some of my pride hurt when I picked up a piece of coursework from earlier in the term and saw that I hadn’t done very well on it. I did think I might miss a few marks because after I handed it in I realised I’d left a bunch of tables out of the appendix. But apprently I mis-read some of the data and lots of other picky marker’s nit-picking in it.

I really need a higher mark on the other piece of coursework in this module otherwise that’s not good.

The exams are getting on my tits too. I’m trying to get the work done now so I can start revision for the exams that start 4th May. The exams this year are quite close together so I need to get most of the revision done before they start. My past record in exams is mixed so I dont really know whether to do lots of work or just wing it. I’m thinking work is a better option seeing as they are essay questions and not multiple choice.

Good news – House starts tonight so having a girly night and drooling over Hugh Laurie lol.


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