Mobile phones are stupid!!

Well maybe not that bad. Maybe just ringtones then.
When you get phones they don’t have any ringtones that anyone would ever want to use set on them. Apart from maybe the Nokia Tune which is the one I am using at the moment. The problem is everyone has that ringtone – it’s so unoriginal and I keep checking my phone when someone else’s near me rings.
I want something personal that I know if my own phone ringing and is pleasurable to listen to – even if no-one ever rings me on it.

I had a look for ringtones on the net last night having one in mind. I wanted Vivaldi’s Spring from the Four Seasons. I found it in lots of places but either my phone was not compatible, or it didnt have WAP or didnt deliver. I’m not prepared to spend another £4.50 on a ringtone that doesnt arrive. It annoys me so much that it’s just a scam – they want your money and are not prepared to give you quality back but no-one can stop these fascists.
I have to admit whilst being quite technoological minded with computers and ipods etc I’m definitely not when it comes to mobile phones. The simpler the better.
I have no idea whether my phone has WAP or if it does how to work it, or download a ringtone.

I have a NOKIA 2310. I would like a polyphonic version of Vivaldi’s Spring – if anyone knows of where I can get it and how – please share.


2 responses to “Mobile phones are stupid!!

  1. I usually have a song I like as my ringtone. Currently it’s part of Portions For Foxes by Rilo Kiley. 99% of people will have never heard it which makes it better and more unique.
    I might have four seasons, I’ll have a look and if so, I’ll drop you a link.

  2. I’ve uploaded it, save this file… I have hundreds of midi (polyphonic) ringtones, if you want the zip file you’re more than welcome.

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