Home/Pond life

Been back at home for nearly a week now. I broke up much earlier than the other members of my family. They break up on wednesday – weirdness of secondary school terms these days.
Since I came home I’ve been trying to sort out the pond a bit. As people who know me personally would know, I’m rather proud of my pond that me and dad re-built about 5 or 6 years ago from the pit it was before.
Anyway – it had gone a bit green and had lots of green foam on the top. I’ve managed to realise what it is that’s causing it. Frogspawn when it’s layed has to float or be layed in shallow areas of the pond. The first lot was. However mum thought she counted around 70 frogs mating in the pond. When they do this, they trample down all the previous eggs and lay more and more on top of them. When the eggs sink, they rot which is what is causing the greenness.
I managed to find one large lump of spawn and salvaged it into a bucket which it’s been sitting in for a few days and looks absolutely fine.
I was sitting and watching the stuff in the bucket earlier on. Many of the ‘eggs’ are starting to be tadpole shaped and they are moving around inside their cases. It’s almost like a fetus but on a much smaller and much much simpler scale. You can almost see them developing and forming. Dad has taken the camera to work or I would have taken some photies.
Does anyone know exactly how they hatch? Do they eat the stuff around them to grow and then get out like a chicken egg, or do the egg cases just sort of split open? I think it is the former.

Other things – Well I havent been up to much since coming home. Sister has been surprisingly nice but maybe she’s growing up yay. She’s very busy with her GCSE coursework especially her music pieces which she has been a bit slack with so I havent seen her much. Otherwise just been helping mum around the house and enjoying relaxing and having my meals cooked for me.

Going rowing tonight with City of Bristol. A friend of the family who goes there told me a while ago that’s its a good club and I went down a bit last summer. I thought as I’m home, I might go for a row with them as I’ve pretty much given up rowing with Uni club. I feel I still want to row now and again cus I like the sport but I’m sick of being ignored a lot or used like I was in the uni club. If they want to do that, they can but I aint joining them. That’s what I told them.

It’s such a lovely day today. Sunny and apprently around 19 degrees. I think I’ll waste it no longer and go and sit in it.


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