The struggle for first place

Been feeling a bit ‘time of the month’ today. Last night I was feeling a bit stressed because of my last bit of coursework not being finished. I wanted to get revision done and I hadnt picked my third year project yet. It’s difficult living with other students with different revision patterns or methods and different abilities sometimes. I’m not stupid, I like to think of myself as quite clever but sometimes Jess does rub it in that she did no work for her A levels and got A’s and B’s and some of us had to work and still didnt get the right grades.

In the first year of uni, some people did not a lot of work, were quite happy to go out drinking the night before some exams and still got a first for the whole year. Not me.

Second year exam time and I know I need to get high marks in some modules to get a good grade, some modules are a bit easier but I still need to revise properly. Now Jess has decided to do lots of work because she needs to ‘do well’ and has to get a first. It’s weird when people expect to get top marks and if they get the second mark down, they think ‘Oh no, I got a rubbish mark’. Blimey

I know it’s different standards but I’ve never really been the one getting the top marks in everything. In some things I did but I felt really proud and special because I got a B on something not a C. I never acted like getting a B was normal, and I knew I was going to do well.

Anyone else feel like they have to work much harder than some people just to be at the same level?


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