Weekend – again.

I’ve been doing revision most of this week. Been getting up at reasonable hour, sitting at my kitchen table and getting on with it. Sort of losing motivation yesterday and it was sunny so me and Esther went and sat outside and did notes out there for a while. Revising with someone else does help sometimes but you do sometimes get talking about topics not associated with the notes you are making more notes on.

It’s also Morse weekend on ITV3 and I’m a big Morse fan so I may be sitting here for some time. Doesnt get work done but in between episodes I can do something… probably

Bit of a pointless blog there but I felt I had to write some stuff on here – just no idea what. I cant seem to get into the habit of writing a regular diary thing or just writing my thoughts and interesting things. My posts on here are a bit random. I need a better writing style if I want to write interesting stuff on here. I never seem to be very good at getting points or opinions across without rambling.
For instance – this.


One response to “Hmmmph

  1. i’m the same i can never write as good as id like

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