Last Exam tomorrow

Ok so last bit of work for the 2nd year of my psychology degree tomorrow. And what’s good – it’s a multiple choice exam. Even if I dont know the answer it’s there in front of me.
No more evaluating and remembering studies supporting and studies backing up evidence of this type of thinking or that mental disease.

Exam should be over by about 2.30 so heading towards Union room right next to the exam place for drinkies.. maybe many.

Thing to get excited about – I’m seeing Derren Brown live next wednesday. I’d been looking for someone to come to see him with me and I found my uncle when he came over for Easter. It’s in Salisbury city hall. Ideally I’d like to see him in Plymouth cus he’s here this saturday but annoying time for Uncle. And Bristol had sold out so Salisbury it was.

Hopefully next weekend a bunch of us housemates plus extras are going camping in Newquay for the weekend after the end of term. Looking forward to it as I’ve never been to Newquay (missed out on the whole teenager going away thing) and should be warm weather.

I should go do some more revision for tomorrow but it’s not that hard a topic and frankly my dear blog, I dont give a damn.


4 responses to “Last Exam tomorrow

  1. Newquay is great, sure you’ll love it. Lovely beaches, fun place, funky shops.
    Hope your last exam was good.

  2. How did the exam go?

  3. good – 60 multiple choice questions on history and philosophy of psychology took me 16 minutes. Brilliant

  4. reminds of of the days where I was mugging for my bio psych, I hate MCQs hahahaha!

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