Another word of the day


Tmesis is a linguistic phenomenon or figure of speech in which a word is separated into two parts, with other words occurring between them.
“Congratu-fuckin’-lations”, in which an expletive or profanity is inserted
Examples include
“La-dee-freakin’-da”, a variation of the above in which a less offensive infix is substituted.
“Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Jr.”, in which a nickname is inserted between a first and last name.
“Wel-diddly-elcome”, a signature phrase of fictional character Ned Flanders’, where a nonsense word is inserted. Note the reduplication of part of the host word.
“Any-old-how”, in which the divisibility of “anything” (as in “any old thing”) is mimicked with the usually indivisible “anyhow”.
“A-whole-nother”, in which another (an+other) is reanalyzed as a+nother.


3 responses to “Another word of the day

  1. Cool. I sense that you have time on your hands now that the exams are over.

  2. indeed. anu QI fans may know where its from.
    Thank god for youtube

  3. I love Congratu-fuckin’-lations , it has so much power 😉

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