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Pirates of the Caribbean – At world’s End

Saw this film last night. To be honest if you’re a big fan of the whole POTC films – go see it, see what happens, laugh at Captain Jack Sparrow – go home.
However, the film could have been an hour shorter and been mroe interesting. The film is approx 2 hours 45 mins long (yes dead leg alert) and I found myself waiting for the end about half an hour before it happened.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad film really – there are some good bits and some quite funny lines and weird Jack Sparrow moments, look out for Keith Richards as Sparrow the elder.
The problem is it’s gone too Hollywood – there is waaaay too many fight scenes with many swords and impressive moves, canons firing at eac other’s ships and many many cliches and corny lines. Between these things there was not a long of plot. I could see the makers thinking “ok we’ve gone 20 minutes without people shooting canons at each other – let’s have another clash between two ships”. The story line is just a bit stretched out as far as it can go and wha could have been a great story with many swashbuckling moments turned into a chance for filmmakers to show off how many special effects and impressive moves they can fit in.
And Kiera Knightly and her stupid chin/pout thing. Annoyed the hell out of me above everything else.

Life’s biggest questions


So who let the dogs out?
The wrong people – the people who let their dogs out are the owners of noisy dogs who never shut up. Nice dogs never get let out.

How many road can a man walk down before you call him a man?
Just the one. One very very long road so his legs ache. If he moans – that means he’s a man.

Where’s your head at?
About the centre of my neck, above my shoulders.

Why do birds suddenly appear?
They get thrown into the sky by their parent birds because they’re clogging up the nest.

What becomes of the broken hearted?
They go home, and wallow in their own self pity, then go out and tell their friends. (if they have any friends left)

Who wants to live forever?
I dont. I want to die and go to a place nicer than the place I’ve just left. Then return to visit it in 100 years and see how it’s declined.

Why does it always rain on me?
This is England!! It rains.
And I rarely taken an umbrella with me

How soon is now?
You’ve missed it

Do they know it’s christmas?
Well most Africans don’t because they dont celebrate christmas when we do.

When will I be famous?
When I’m dead. I’ll be a wellknown household name for something great.

Anyone may feel free to answer Life’s biggest questions with their own points of view

Summer Birthday

Ok my birthday is in the middle of August. Altho that might be a good things – usually good weather, don’t ever have to go to school, lectures bla de bla, people are never around.
My 21st is this year and I want to book a ferry or one of the boat that go on trips up Bristol docks for an evening. I want something special that I can invite a good range of friends to and have a good time.
However, many people are either away or havent got back to me on whether they would like to come or not. I need lots of definite Yes’s so I can book the boat and guarantee people are going to fill it.
Anyone else want to come?? Bar on board!


Rubens Tube – video powered by Metacafe

How to…disagree

Guy Browning
Saturday June 9, 2007

In hotter countries, disagreement is a kind of national sport. It’s a bit like football without the ball: just people shouting at each other for no good reason. In this country, though, the most common way of disagreeing with someone is to say you agree with them wholeheartedly and then make sure you never see them again.
We tend to avoid disagreements in public in case our finely honed arguments are met with a finely honed knife. Instead, we’ve developed the anti-disagreement phrase, “Fair enough.” In longhand, this means, “If you want to believe that kind of rubbish and embarrass yourself every time you open your mouth, then good luck to you.”

One of the quickest ways of promoting disagreement is to start a sentence with the phrase, “I think you’ll agree.” Similarly, you can get almost instantaneous agreement by starting with, “I don’t expect you to agree with this for one moment.”
Disagreements are often over facts or things, and who is in possession of them. That’s why Buddhists, who don’t do possessions, rarely disagree with anyone. However, that might be because sitting cross-legged is the worst position to disagree from.

Some people get real pleasure out of saying, “No, I don’t agree” after virtually any innocuous statement. This is a ploy, so they can re-start the conversation on their terms. It’s like having the last word first.

A great way of saying you disagree with someone is to say, “I don’t disagree but …” or, “You’re right, but …” In fact, saying “but” after anything is a clear indicator that you disagree – for example, “Clearly, Archie Gemmill was the world’s greatest footballer, but …” Highly trained disagreeers, however, will use the word “and” instead of “but” – this gives the impression that they’re building on your excellent first suggestion when really they’re adding a contrary and much more powerful suggestion of their own.

Business people are trained to invite disagreement. After you’ve told them their idea is pants, they’ll say something like, “I welcome your challenge.” The real meaning of this is, “Your career is over.”

There is nothing in the world so small or insignificant that two human beings can’t find a way of disagreeing about it. That said, someone, somewhere will probably disagree.

On tv again

The BBC have contacted us again wanting our house for 2 more episodes of Casualty. Many many producers/directors and arty farty people came round in a coach this morning and took pictures and said how wonderful my house is.

Don’t know when it’s going to be aired as they haven’t filmed it yet but it’s pretty cool.

Other – well still looking for a job. I’ve applied for several jobs of various type but not heard from any yet so fingers crossed I get something – preferably not a call centre.

Been trying to get more fit of late. Been running 3  days in a row. Getting back into it especially in hot weather is not nice but I’ve signed up for the British Heart Foundation Fun run around Bristol docks in a couple of weeks cus I fancied a challenge. Should be good as it’s in the evening and it’s not too far.

Missing Plymouth a bit. I’ve got so used to being there living with friends and hanging out with certain people for long periods of time that when I get back here it takes me a while to adjust. As much as I love my parents, I miss living with my friends. Only got one more year – wooer. Then I’ve got to grow up and integrate myself into the real world.

Summer Make-over

As you may have noticed if you’re reading this now and have visited this blog before that it looks different. I congratulate you.

Summer is coming, I have had the same layout and colours for a year and a bit on this blog and I felt it needed a change of scenery.

Hope it meets your aesthetic requirements