Will England ever win anything?

Just watching the friendly between England and Brazil.
We’re being very predictable at the moment. Pushing forwards a bit but not a goal yet. We’re defending fairly well as usual but a couple of small incidents where the Brazilian forwards pushed through our back line. I think if we hold on for a draw it’ll be ok. However it would be nice to beat Brazil as apprently we have only beaten them 3 times out of 26 times of playing them.

One thing we seem to beat everyone on is the noisiness and supportiveness of the fans. Internationals are the best. Singing the national anthem – such a rubbish song and we still make it sound good, drowning out the opposing fans. In this game as an example, Beckham has made a return to England – on his first touch of the ball, the fans cheered so loudly. We have to admit that we may not be the best at playing it but we are a nation that are passionate about football most of the time. We will go to so many lengths to support our teams and our country and be patriotic and keep on cheering them on even if we are losing.

Not sure if I’m proud to be English or not


2 responses to “Will England ever win anything?

  1. England aren’t meant to win. Just to believe they can. I think it’s the law.
    A team that wins a lot brings expectations. Those who never win, cannot disappoint!

  2. Not sure if i totally agree with the fans cheering even when you lose, im not sure if its just the media but every time you lose a match they call for the managers head!!

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