On tv again

The BBC have contacted us again wanting our house for 2 more episodes of Casualty. Many many producers/directors and arty farty people came round in a coach this morning and took pictures and said how wonderful my house is.

Don’t know when it’s going to be aired as they haven’t filmed it yet but it’s pretty cool.

Other – well still looking for a job. I’ve applied for several jobs of various type but not heard from any yet so fingers crossed I get something – preferably not a call centre.

Been trying to get more fit of late. Been running 3  days in a row. Getting back into it especially in hot weather is not nice but I’ve signed up for the British Heart Foundation Fun run around Bristol docks in a couple of weeks cus I fancied a challenge. Should be good as it’s in the evening and it’s not too far.

Missing Plymouth a bit. I’ve got so used to being there living with friends and hanging out with certain people for long periods of time that when I get back here it takes me a while to adjust. As much as I love my parents, I miss living with my friends. Only got one more year – wooer. Then I’ve got to grow up and integrate myself into the real world.


2 responses to “On tv again

  1. Best of luck in the funrun, id say it seems long at the moement but you will be doing it in no time

  2. get your house in a few more episodes, then charge Casualty fans to visit! Think of the money!

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