Pirates of the Caribbean – At world’s End

Saw this film last night. To be honest if you’re a big fan of the whole POTC films – go see it, see what happens, laugh at Captain Jack Sparrow – go home.
However, the film could have been an hour shorter and been mroe interesting. The film is approx 2 hours 45 mins long (yes dead leg alert) and I found myself waiting for the end about half an hour before it happened.
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad film really – there are some good bits and some quite funny lines and weird Jack Sparrow moments, look out for Keith Richards as Sparrow the elder.
The problem is it’s gone too Hollywood – there is waaaay too many fight scenes with many swords and impressive moves, canons firing at eac other’s ships and many many cliches and corny lines. Between these things there was not a long of plot. I could see the makers thinking “ok we’ve gone 20 minutes without people shooting canons at each other – let’s have another clash between two ships”. The story line is just a bit stretched out as far as it can go and wha could have been a great story with many swashbuckling moments turned into a chance for filmmakers to show off how many special effects and impressive moves they can fit in.
And Kiera Knightly and her stupid chin/pout thing. Annoyed the hell out of me above everything else.


3 responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean – At world’s End

  1. This film was awful is every single way. The acting was terrible with too many characters and virtually no plot at all. The kids even thought it wasn’t that good and the girls all love Orlando Bloom.

  2. Bloom – yeh oks he’s ok looking but he could be a better actor. He does have a personality
    not that you would think. I saw him interviewed. Johnny Depp’s facial expressions is what
    I watch it for

  3. Well my eldest is only 11. Pretty is what she likes.

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