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If I had the time…

I would do this

Harry Potter book 7

Anyone else finished it yet? I was sobbing like a.. well like a girl when I’d finished at the realisation of basically that was it! No more Harry Potter books every few years to look forward to. The story is over.
I also cried at various points in the story – I wont give anything away but I was right about several things. I’m quite glad about the way it turned out.


I havent been blogging again. Darn Facebook!!

Smoking ban – update

Many people are obviously sticking with the smoking outside workplaces law. On the bus to work today I saw many people outside office buildings and shop doors having a quick one. I noticed a lot of people hanging around on the streets and walking up and down with a fag in their hand.
An old couple also got on my bus in Broadmead and the woman was still holding her nearly finished cigarette. A lady opposite me told her to put it out and opened a window and the women just sort of stubbed it on the back of a chair making an effort to hide it. Disgusting habit. She couldnt have left it outside.


I got my second year results this morning. I’m pleased to say I got 2:1. All my exam/coursework results were around 60-65% mark and averaged at 62%. I’m pleased with that because that’s the mark I wanted.
The second year is only worth 30% of the final degree mark but it’s a good start for a 2:1 overall.

Weather isnt what it used to be…

Remember the days where summer days were endlessly sunny, where it was rare for rain in July.
Being a kid, summer was about spending every minute of the day outside, up a tree or playing in the shed or paddling pool. The grass in the garden had big cracks in it where the soil had dried up. The plants all needed watering every evening.
On holiday it was too hot to sit on the beach for too long without going in the sea or going and making dams across little streams or rock pools.

Contrarily, winter was so much different. You had to put on coat and gloves whenever you went out. Most winter mornings it was frosty. If you were lucky you would your mum would wake you up in the morning and say ‘look outside’. When you ran to the window it was covered in a foot of snow. The longing to be playing in it made you get dressed in many layers and get out in it as quickly as you could. There was usualyl enough to make a decent snowman or slides down the steep hill in the park on a sledge for hours on end. You wouldnt ever feel cold because snow is not cold to a child.

Is it me getting older and more boring or has the weather changed a lot. Last winter I dont remember ever wearing my coat. It didnt seem very cold at all. Just maybe drizzling a bit. Now it is summer and the weather is pretty much the same as it was 6 months ago. Summer was a month around easter and has now come and gone.

Raining Pouring

Well its just starting raining again. Does it ever stop? It’s supposed to be July!! I feel stupid sitting inside places all day but it seems to be chucking it down half the time. I feel very sorry for anyone who lives near rivers or in low areas. I’d be scared. Luckily we live on the top of a hill in a high part of Bristol so unless water levels rise by about 20 meters or so, I havent got a problem.
This week I got myself a job. I went up to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway with Vik where she had an interview for a new job. I looked for anywhere that had a job advertisement in the window and gave my CV out to some places even if they werent looking. I filled in a form for Monsoon children. When I went in to take it back, she interviewed me there and then, and gave me the job. It’s only a part time job and its a 4 week temporary contract because their sale is on soon. That’s about right for me because it goes up to just before we go on holiday. Hopefully I can find something else when I get back to take me to September.

Results come out this week some time. It’s usually sometime around the 1st of July but as it’s a sunday and considering the postal strike on friday, they might arrive in the next several days. Fingers crossed for that 2:1. This year is only 30% of the final mark but I still want to do well.