Raining Pouring

Well its just starting raining again. Does it ever stop? It’s supposed to be July!! I feel stupid sitting inside places all day but it seems to be chucking it down half the time. I feel very sorry for anyone who lives near rivers or in low areas. I’d be scared. Luckily we live on the top of a hill in a high part of Bristol so unless water levels rise by about 20 meters or so, I havent got a problem.
This week I got myself a job. I went up to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway with Vik where she had an interview for a new job. I looked for anywhere that had a job advertisement in the window and gave my CV out to some places even if they werent looking. I filled in a form for Monsoon children. When I went in to take it back, she interviewed me there and then, and gave me the job. It’s only a part time job and its a 4 week temporary contract because their sale is on soon. That’s about right for me because it goes up to just before we go on holiday. Hopefully I can find something else when I get back to take me to September.

Results come out this week some time. It’s usually sometime around the 1st of July but as it’s a sunday and considering the postal strike on friday, they might arrive in the next several days. Fingers crossed for that 2:1. This year is only 30% of the final mark but I still want to do well.


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