Monthly Archives: August 2007

Happy birthday to me…

I’m now an old fart he he. 21 today. I havent blogged for ages really. I went away on hols to devon and only came back on friday. I had my birthday on sat nite with all my lovely friends which was a good laugh and a little bit pissshed at the end of the night of course. See my facebook for some piccies.
I actually got quite tanned on hols – we luckily had lovely weather most of the time. Only a bit of rain which when ur camping is annoying csu everything gets covered in mud and ur trying to shelter in the awning. The campervan does help tho – somewhere dry to sit. But spent a lot of the time on the beach or out in our dinghy in Salcombe harbour.
Off to Bath Spa with the parentals this afternoon. Birthday treat kinda thing. I cant wait to go in the rooftop pool. How luxury is that?
Pics to follow I spect.