Some questions

If you could travel to any two places in the world, where would you go?
If you could change two things about the world, what would you change?

Stolen from Hoverfrog

Oooh travelling – well I’m constantly adding to the long list of places I’d love to go when I finish uni but if it was oly two it would have to be…..
India – eastern culture completely different from this one – definite eye opener.
New Zealand – for the mountains, lovely scenery etc.

Change two things about the world – oooh tricky cus I have no idea how it would turn out. But I would like to see how the world would be if the human race didnt have the instinct to always go for itself, to get the most money, to be better than the next person. If people were much more willing to help others, not just other people but animals/plants and were quite happy with co-habiting with other life forms. Maybe there wouldnt be such a thing as global warming for one. And maybe human beings would be completely different.

Hmm… second thing.. I’m not sure I would change a lot more than that. There are a few annoying things in the world but I’ve either already got them covered in the first change or that the world wouldnt be the same and maybe not as great if it wasnt for some things.
For example – wasps – I’m sure we’ve all hated them and thought them an entirely pointless animal but I’m sure if wasps didnt exist then something beautiful and vital to the worlds continuity would be wiped out as well.
I think the world is like it is for a reason. It has evolved like this and it’s science and general rules of how the universe works that it is like this. If the tiniest thing were different, it would cause so much to change, that relies on that one thing and the world would be at an end.
As grumpy as I like to be, and as much as I hate lots of things that get on my nerves, we probably wouldnt be here or wouldnt be able to carry on being here if it wasnt for them. God bless our beautiful world and all the natural things in it.
Apart from humans of course.


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