Outrageous Wasters

The programme that’s been on BBC3 for the last 4 weeks I think. Same old format of ‘team of experts taking over your life’ – but I think it’s quite an interesting programme. It does open your eyes to see that even the smallest things in your life could make a difference to climate change etc.
For example – only buying local or English food – not packaged in layers of stuff. Organically grown fruit/veg and local free range meat makes a difference.
Recycling does make a difference – you can recycle most stuff except for polythene and thin plastics most of the time. It makes a difference to what you buy – if something is made of lots of stuff that you cant recycle, I’m put off buying it.
Electricity – leaving tv’s/stereos/ etc on standby is using nearly as much electricity as leaving it on. Pressing the button off on the front of the telly/computer/stereo uses much less.
Makes a difference to your bills too.
We’re already quite a green family at home – we recycle most things and dont waste outrageous amounts of electricity and water but it does make you thing do you really need a big deep bath when a 5 minute shower will suffice?
I hope all the energy being used to make the programme is not killing the planet.

More here…..

Oh and I definitely disagree with the phrase ‘boot camp’ – what is this? x-factor or something?


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