I’ve lost my faith in the human race. I think it comes from watching x-factor for starters. God it’s so banal! Why does everyone take something that is really trivial so seriously? All the screaming – unfortunately it is made so it’s addictive and it’s difficult to stop watching even if you’re shouting at the tv.
Had a random weekend in general. Spent friday night watching quality tv. QI – essential viewing of course and a bit of Mock the Week featuring very funny people and the very fit Russell Howard.
Didn’t do a lot saturday – well saying that I did do some work, and reading of a textbook which is usually rare for me. Went out sat night – was nice early on, had food and a couple of drinkies in Weatherspoons. Moved to further down the road for couple of cocktails and then on to another bar for a drink in there. After that – moved onto two of the most pointless bars in the world. For cheapy bars next to a uni – they are so small its stupid. The space behind the bar is nearly the same size as the rest of the place. After about 10.30 it’s so packed you can’t move unless you’re dancing in the room upstairs.
After a while there I came home which was about 2 ish. Before I got annoyed by lots of drunk students.
Have done pretty much nothing all day today. We all got up late and had pancakes and stuff for breakfast. I did some youtubing and then went for a lil walk in the rain and took some photos.
Got 2 hours tomorrow morning and then 2 hours in the afternoon – lovely jubbly.


2 responses to “Why???

  1. I can’t stand that programme! But I do find myself watching Big Brother from time to time!
    Do they still do £1 a pint drinks in Uni bars?

  2. Lol – dont seem to watch brother – it’s just people hanging around talking about nothing, I get that anyway.
    Drinks – some nights are pound a pint yeh. Not all places and I dont tend to drink pints but those nights are good – sooo much cheaper

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