House party

We had a big house party last night celebrating Jess’ 21st birthday and Luke’s 23rd. The theme was insect fancy dress. Good turn out actually. Most people seem to find excuses like lack of money or they’re working bla bla but I was glad to see lots of people actually wanted to turn up and made an effort. I made myself into a butterfly. I think it was pretty good – multicoloured wings and sparkly boingy things on the head for antenna.
Among the older costumes there were ladybird, bright orange caterpillar, glowworm, bee, and 3 ants.
It was the typical house party – lots of drinking, hanging out in the kitchen, smokers were made to stand outside in the rain, we had a massive balloon pit in the front room made of approx 265 balloons which decreased slightly later in the evening.
Pity really that it had to end so early. Most people decided to go to Ride (student bar) so lots of them went off in taxis and some people went home. Me and John were left and neither of us really wanted to go out so we watched black books until 3am.
Just woken up and tried to stop my stomach doing funny things. If I remember rightly downstairs is covered in insides of party poppers, party popper guns, empty plastic cups and there are bottles of wine and lemonade and other assorted spirits lying around. Oh yes and many popped balloons.
I’ll wait till other people are up. At least there isnt any washing up to do.


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