Great films

Last night I watched A Beautiful Mind. It’s an excellent film – really makes you think about what’s real and what isnt and how someone with such a great mind can be so affected.
Also watched The Runaway Jury. Very good film – good ending, bit of a feel good ending actually. And starring the lovely John Cusack.

I recommend both of them if you havent seen them.

Havin a bit of a lazy day today in that I’m still in PJ’s and not planning on leaving the house today. I’m getting bored of cooking tho. I really want some nice food without having to go through the effort of making it myself. I was trying to do cheap food all the time and not spending money on ready-made meals but I fancy lasagne or pizza or something from co-op so I might be forced to go to the shop.


2 responses to “Great films

  1. Runaway jury film = mint

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