About time.. a bit of bloody culture.

Last night I went to the theatre. I haven’t been to the theatre for ages – it was good tho. 5 of us went to see A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was an interesting production. About half the dialogue was in other languages – mostly asian/eastern languages and the actors were predominantly Asian. It was a bit odd – you don’t usually associate beautiful shakespeare with fairies and love with eastern cultures but it worked quite well. I’m glad I knew the basic story already tho because otherwise I would have been very lost.

Mac OS Leopard. – I’ve upgraded my OS to the latest Mac offer. I like it.. it’s very smooth and there are some very nice features such as ‘spaces’ which you can drag different windows for different activities in. Rather nice idea. The main problem now is that because I had to use so much space upgrading it, I had to transfer all my music (15 GB) to a friends server and it won’t all fit back on again. So now I’m missing about a third of my music and only have a small amount of space on the hard drive.If anyone (mac users or otherwise) knows what else it’s ok to delete off the hard drive or has smaller versions of applications that take up so much space. When I leave uni – so probably next summer I’ll get myself a Macbook with a much bigger hard drive so I don’t need to keep all my stuff on discs and other external things. I better not mention this in front of my ibook tho or it will get angry and disown me.


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