What’s wrong with blogging?

Where has everyone in blogland gone lately? Half the blogs I regularly read don’t seem to have been posted on for months. Blogs are getting few and far between. What’s happening people? Is it the fault of facebook?


5 responses to “What’s wrong with blogging?

  1. Yeah I noticed that. Think the lack of life in blogland is partly why I rarely post much now, there seems to be a big void out there.

  2. Many people seem to find new places to blog. Most of the people I knew on Platform27 have moved on now!

  3. I must be a lucky one, still finding a fair few good blogs to read and updating my own. Although I am very bad at keeping track of those blogs I like to read, like yours. Must add you to a feedreader so I get reminders.

  4. Good lord – I don’t know why one of my other blogs popped in there. Note to self – look before clicking ‘submit’ – anyway its actually me of the impossible longings, among other things.

  5. I stoped as i was lazy 🙂

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