Live music

I really don’t see enough live bands/music. There seems to be always someone I would love to see live (comedy included actually) playing live near me when I have no money. Saying that I’m going to see the Kaiser Chiefs tonight in Exeter. I’m a big fan of them and got tickets months ago. Struggled a bit getting people to come with me but it should be good fun.Another problem is amount of money – 25 quid per ticket I paid and I may not get the full amount back because lack of money of students these days. How come you cant get student prices for big bands.Some people may know that Boyzone are now jumping on the reforming bandwagon. I was slightly obsessed with them throughout teen years and still fan of Ronan. I just had to get tickets to see them too next year – another 32 quid per ticket – hopefully I’ll get money back from whoever I end up taking with me. This one is in Cardiff – been there before and it’s close to Bristol but not in Bristol. BahAnyone wanna be a gig buddy? I love going out and seeing bands but not many of my friends do.


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