The Choir – boys don’t sing

How is singing for girls? Ok girls like singing but I didn’t think singing was a girly boring thing. I quite liked singing at school.

I’m talking about the 2nd series of The Choir on bb2, where Gareth Malone (cute musician, singer and choirmaster extrordinaire) takes over an all boys school in Lancaster and tries to get them to actually sing. It’s so surprising how many people found it funny that someone would stand up and sing in front of people. These people just don’t ever sing.

Ok I didn’t sing after primary school but I was never given the chance. When I was still at my old secondary school, the music department was terrible and there were never any choirs and the only thing we ever did in music lessons was play stuff on a keyboard.

I’m so glad Gareth is getting this singing thing back into schools. All these school kids seem to quite happily rap (which I would definitely find embarssing) in front of their friends but think singing is just not on.

Looking forward to next part same time next week.


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