Ok. I’ve been a good mood for quite a while for my standards until yesterday. I do seem to have slightly extreme moods sometimes. Not extreme as in manic depressive moods or anything and it isn’t connected to PMT.

I can be on a high where I’m happy being around people and actively seek them out and chat when I’m with housemates etc. I seem to be much more productive because when I think of doing something I just get on with it and I’m not so easily distracted.

However, yesterday during the course of about an hour, my mood just plummeted a bit. I came home in the afternoon and I didn’t really want to speak to anyone or be with anyone. I sat in my room last night watching HIGNFY episodes on youtube for ages. I can still laugh at things and I also listened to Just a minute on radio4 while I was cooking tea and can happily laugh at it but when it was over, I was longing for something else to entertain me.

I went to bed thinking I just need a hug – not really to talk it out with someone but for them to understand what is going thru my head and just hold me till I don’t feel like that anymore. I’m not very good at talking about my feelings. Especially if people don’t ask or don’t seem that interested. I felt fine this morning but I was forced to get up anyone cus of the lecture first thing and I’ve been sociable first thing. It seems to be an afternoon thing when it comes on and I just want to not be with people but at the same time I do. It’s weird. I decided to write about mood stuff on here just because of the fact of talking – even to yourself, or writing your thoughts down has been proven to lessen the amount of emotion. See Pennebaker Paradigm if your interested.

I have another lecture this afternoon and I can sit there and talk to people but if I don’t have a meaningful chat with them, or the lecture goes badly, I’ll come home and feel low again. I’ll report back later maybe. I’ll leave early to walk into uni and try and take some pictures as it’s still sunny.


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