Has anyone ever used the stats package SPSS? Or even got into doing many statistical tests on data….



I did a simple correlation test on my data for my experiment which made sense when I got the results. They were what I expected and the graphs showed results which were basically quite simple. However, I have now found out that because my data was not normally distributed I have to do a different test on it which I have no idea how to do.

What the hell is the difference really? It’s the same relationship whether they are of a normal distribution or not… and actually the results are not supposed to be. They are measuring handedness for gods sake – most of the population are right handed so there is a big skew to the right anyway.

I’m not behind where I should be in the whole dissertation writing thing but I want to just get the results done and I thought it was simple but it’s not.

I better get a mark I feckin deserve!


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