Satire and Snooker

I have been a huge fan of Have I Got News For You (or HIGNFY) for years now so I thought I’d pay hommage to the great programme with a blog.

I probably started watching it regularly on a Friday night with my parents when I was around 11 or 12. Too young to understand some of the jokes and I didn’t really know who most of the politicians or public figures were that they were referring to, but I just found the program funny. I think it’s mainly the chemistry between Paul and Ian and then Angus as well, that is an indispensable part of the show. I found the show – know as the scandal episode – after Angus was caught with a prostitute so funny with all the one-liners they threw at him. He had nowhere to hide. The few after that before he was sacked were a bit awkward I remember, because Paul and Ian were obviously now supposed to mention it but couldn’t stop themselves because otherwise the show wasn’t funny.

Since the guest presenters started, I think the show hasn’t lost its hilarity. Sometimes you really don’t know what is going to happen when you tune in on a Friday night. Especially when Boris Johnson turns up. This week’s episode for example, had the totally unique Brian Blessed. I have never seen a show so anarchic and mental. I loved the fact that Paul and Ian and also the other guests, Marcus Brigstocke and Alan Duncan were in hysterics but almost laughing with unease at the mayhem caused by this big man in the middle.

I know there are many people who always preferred Angus at host and despise the show since he was sacked but I think I have to agree with Paul in this video that it wasn’t funny and the shear amount of news stories they could cover and what they could say about them would have not worked or just bounced back on Angus so he had to go. Maybe it’s a hint at the fact that he was irreplaceable that they haven’t found another host yet and probably will never do. I like it, where there is a different host each week and that it brings a completely different aspect to the news stories about the government, to the stories about penguins in wetsuits. Some people are obviously better than others but it’s nice to experiment and then know who never to invite back on (Ann Widdecombe IMO)

Another thing on my mind at the moment is the Snooker World Championships. I usually tend to follow anything Ronnie O’Sullivan is doing and adore watching him play over anyone else. The man is incrediable but sometimes he just reminds us he is human and the pressure gets to him and he isnt on form which makes watching him more interesting because he is excellent without being completely reliable.

I watched most of the very close semi-final match between Ali Carter and Joe Perry. I seem to have a small crush on the former of those. I was glad that he won, because he seems a much more interesting player than Perry. I wouldn’t mind seeing him win the tournament because he’s a very talented player when on form. However, I’m wondering how he will outplay the Rocket as he’s on top form at the moment and unbeatable (even by Stephen Hendry). I’m looking forward to watching the final between these two players and may the best player win.


2 responses to “Satire and Snooker

  1. Oh MY GOD – Brian Blessed was absolutely hilarious – I laughed so much my side were hurting (and it’s been a long while since that has happened). He is a complete and utter lunatic. Paul Merton for once was completely overwhelmed, lol, and Marcus Brigstocke – normally very vocal on The Now Show – was stunned to a standstill. One of the best episodes they have had for a long time.

    Personally I hope they never get a permanent chairperson because I think it’s taken the program to a whole new dimension since they started having special guests instead!

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