Which type of student are you?

I went to my third uni exam this morning. They don’t hold the exams in the Uni cus there’s nowhere big enough so we have to walk down to Plymouth Pavilions – sort of big entertainment centre with an arena in the middle because it has more room.

Walking down there I was surrounded by other students. Watching them, I decided on 3 categories.

There are the one’s who are totally cool about it, “yeh exams, who cares really, I only revised a bit, let’s go smoke a spliff”. This category tends to be mostly guys.

Then there are the ones who are still reading their notes while walking into the exam hall, cramming in, wondering if they read enough shelves of the library, and who get really annoyed when you say the word ‘fail’, ‘work’, ‘essay’ or ‘who cares’.

Then there are the people like me. I’m in the middle of these. I like to call it rational. They know that they need to work. They tend to have an ambition, or a grade in mind that they want to work to, but they don’t over work, and try and memorise absolutely everything. They will rationalise the workload and be slightly risk taking but the stuff that needs to be learnt will be learnt properly.

I like being that category. I like to think I’m clever and quite good at exams but I’ve never been a swot and never will be. Saying that I’m not really a rebel either. I am reasonably good academically. I want the grade enough, and know I have to work for it. I don’t go all out try and learn that much and do loads of extra reading – I feel it’s a waste of my time and it won’t be worth the effort. No-one cares that much whether you get a 1st degree or a 2:1 especially if the degree is unrelated to the job you’re applying for anyway. I just like knowing things. Learning things and impressing people. That’s what I strive on.


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