5 Guilty Pleasures.

1. Playing music loud enough that the whole house vibrates. Sometimes It’s just satisfying to get back at the neighbours or housemates by making a point. My music goes louder than yours.

2. Cheesy pop music. Listening to music now and again that you used to listen to when you were 11, or early teens. How wonderful to be back in the innocent days of the Spice Girls, Boyzone and S Club 7. Yes I am a child of the 1990’s.

3. Swearing. I hate those people who say it’s a sign of a narrow vocabulary or unnecessary to swear. Well no it isn’t unnecessary! Sometimes it is very necessary. When you really need to express yourself having just stubbed your toe on the corner of the table, or burnt the toast, the words ‘bollocks’ ‘wank’ ‘arse’ and ‘shite’ are sometimes the things that come to mind.

4. Morning television. Especially Homes under the Hammer. If anyone does not have a regular 9-5 job, e.g. student, retired or otherwise, may have come across this show. It’s the King of property programs watching over the minions that are A Place in the Sun, To Buy or not To buy, or even Location, Location, Location, Location (rpt to fade). Firstly it’s very satisfying looking at other people’s houses. Secondly it’s quite weird to find yourself lazing still in bed on a weekday talking to your tv saying “I would never buy that house and rent it out” or “I would love a bedroom with that view but maybe I’d make that the study instead”.

5. Youtubing at 3 am. Why is the internet so much more interesting in the middle of the night, especially when you’ve got some kind of work due in soon. That feeling of being still up when everyone else isn’t, is quite satisfying. Playing around typing random words into youtube search and then following links from there can keep you busy for hours.


One response to “5 Guilty Pleasures.

  1. I agree with you on the swearing thing. No-one could claim I have a restricted or limited vocabulary (what with with me being a poet and writer and all that jazz) yet I am given to swearing frequently and with feeling.

    Personally a lack of swearing equals a lack of confidence. 🙂

    Morning TV will rot your brain – fact.

    YouTubing at 3am – duh! That’s WHY the internet works 24/7!!! 🙂 Technically, using the internet during “normal human hours” means a person is a ‘norm’ and norms are responsible for things like daytime TV…. ah, you see what I’ve done there?

    I can’t claim to be a child of the ’90s – how about a DJ during the ’90s, does that count?

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