The end.. or the beginning?

So. That’s it. I’ve finished Uni. I’m moving out of my house tomorrow and back to Bristol with the old parentals.
It’s been an eventful last term. Well – mainly revision and getting stressed out and sick to death of exams and never-ending notes but nice bits in between. It’s sods law, or murphy’s law or something that there was a lot of lovely weather, baking hot sunny days during the exam period. Longing for barbecues or lounging around in the park became a constant urge but the fear of not doing enough work was scarier and the last push for the finish line carried on throughout. However, after we were all done with exams, chilling out and ready to spend lpng hours doing nothing, it’s been rainy, colder, and cloudy. Thats british weather for you.
So.. for the last week it’s been getting emptier in our house. Rich has left as he’s going away for the summer, Anna has gone on holiday as well and me and my best girlies have been spending some quality last time with each other. We all went to the Uni end of year ball on wednesday. I even bought a proper dress and nice girly shoes. Most people I knew expressed disbelief at that thought. I am not the most girly of people and I rarely wear low cup tops or anything remotely pretty but yes I did wear a dress and actually felt comfortable in it. Go me!
We had a lazy day thursday. The 3 of us girls and luke spent most of the day watching dvd’s whilst eating chocolate coated rice krispies and curry. Was definitely needed.
Today – been packing up my room. I have chucked quite a lot of stuff and am still wondering how I seem to have accumulated so much stuff in my room. Since my room at home is much smaller than my nice big student room, I have nowhere to put any of it so I’ll be living out of boxes for a bit at home until I can sort it all.
I feel quite sad to be leaving Plymouth. The nice bits anyway. I walked down to the Hoe earlier on and took some photos. It was quite quiet and calm around the harbour and across the water. I was thinking how as much as I sometimes dispise some bits of the city, or the people, or the main roads and lack of cycle routes, there are some lovely places to go and walk. Especially as it’s by the sea.
Bristol may be a port and a coastal city but it doesn’t have sea in it. Just some nice muddy docks.Just as I was walking back down towards the Barbican and boat float, it started to piss it down with rain. I’m not really complaining because it wasn’t cold, but nice wet summery rain. It also meant that anyone walking about suddenly rushed for cover which left the pavements quite empty. I was a little disappointed because I had wanted to sit and look at the water a bit longer and take lots of pictures but I took some of some raincovered swans and then walked home.
Jess and Luke have gone this evening so we said bye to them. Esther’s parents are staying over till tomorrow when she’s leaving, as am I. I’m looking forward to getting home now.
I can’t wait to be in a kitchen which is not constantly covered in grease or crumbs. I’m looking forward to sitting in my bedroom and not being able to hear buses outside the window. I’m looking forward to sitting watching the tv and my cat coming to sit on me and claw me. I’m looking forward to having a garden again.
I’m not looking forward to the cut-off-ness in Bristol, that I live a bit further away from the main shops and pubs that I often go to, nowhere really close to go for a nice walk around and the whole feeling of everything being right there.
I’m not looking forward to my sister’s noisy music, constant social life inside the house and having to put up with sharing things with other people.
I’m not looking forward to the lack of social life, random studenty things like sitting up watching dvd’s, making weird food, bitching about other people in the house, watching tv in the kitchen, playing piggy in the middle up the stairs, txting each other from our bedrooms, rendezvous-ing in the kitchen for tea/toast/cake.
Oh well – I’m not classed as a student anymore. I’m no longer at uni, back home for the holidays. I’m just living there and now going to find a job.
That was a bit of a long post there – I wonder if anyone reads this random bloggeration. If you do – thank you, you’re very kind and must be either mad or both.
I bid you goodnight and very sweet dreams.


3 responses to “The end.. or the beginning?

  1. Just to let you know: I read the ‘random bloggeration’ and enjoyed it.

    From one Bristolian to another, welcome back to the sunshine paradise of the south-west! 🙂

  2. Well thank you for reading. Sunshine? ha ha ha ha ha ha… this is the south west isnt it?

  3. It’s a new beginning! Hopefully you’ll be entering the world of the highly paid very soon! :))

    And I do read, even if I don’t always comment!

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