Boyzone – Back again.

So I saw Boyzone last night. Grew up a huge fan with posters adorning my walls and their cd’s constantly in my stereo.
Bought tickets for this tour having no-one to go with and ended up getting rid of the other ticket for no money but sod it. It was worth it.
So – SPOILERS ALERT here for anyone who hasn’t been yet and is going to.

There were 2 support acts. One band called A.M.A.N.D.A – oh dear me.. sorry but not my cuppa tea. 3 girls who were quite posey and chavvy and wearing very tight trouser/tights things.
2nd one – girl called Laura Critchley – has had good reviews, already had a single – anyone heard of her? She has a very good voice I’ll give her that. Songs weren’t anything particularly interesting but she’s clearly talented.

Boyzone came on about 8.30. Surprisingly early cus in my experience, bands/artists don’t come on till nearer 9 but it turned out to be a 2 hour set so I wasn’t disappointed.
They opened with Picture of you – excellent first song, gets crowd going, doing all the old dance moves.
Straight into One Kiss At A Time – a song from the 3rd album which is also really upbeat and good to get going with.
Then they did a slower one I think which might have been And I, the video of which I will put on youtube. They also did Isn’t It A Wonder, and Words, with Mikey playing the piano and singing the first verse on his own and then the rest of the guys joined him around it.
Also did All That I Need somewhere and Love Me For A Reason in there.
Father and Son I think was in the first bit as well.
Stephen then did his solo of Bright Eyes – so beautiful. He told the crowd to all get their phones out and hold them up, and there were loads of twinkly lights. Beautiful.
Then they went into a medley – as every true boyzone fan knows, no tour is right without a random medley in the middle. The voice over called out ‘please welcome – the Jackson 5!”
The 5 of them appeared on trap doors on the front of the stage wearing the most flamboyant of 70’s style outfits. Stephen sang a verse of a early Jackson 5 song – I think it was I want You Back.
Then they disappeared in a puff of smoke down the trapdoors again before appearing at the back of the stage in black with white t-shirt and hats to match. Ronan sang a version of Billie Jean accompanied by dance moved. Then they threw their hats into the crowd and put different jackets on launching into Bad – sung by Shane. Oh that man has a lovely voice. He needs to sing more often.
Then they did Black or White taking their jackets off completely. Somewhere here, Ronan disappeared off stage. The 4 of them did this song including Keith rapping for a bit of it.
The 4 of them finished the song and pointed to the right of the stage before the lights went down.
The opening bars of When You Say Nothing At All started, with Ronan coming up in a lift in the stage on a park bench sitting next to a woman (dancer). He did a few moves with her that I was certainly jealous of and I’m sure his wife may have been as well. I’m sure she’s amused by it all tho.
Then – a short pause before dancers came on dancing to Call On Me (Eric Prydz) in all the costumes around a load of treadmills. Boyzone came on from the back of the stage dressed on only shorts and disappointingly in Mikey’s case a vest as well. Altho I’m sure his shorts were the smallest of all of them. They proceded with a very cheesy but very funny dance routine on the treadmills and around the stage to When The Going Gets Tough. Lots of boxing type moves in there too – cheesefest but very very hot. They ALL have such nicer bodies. Ronan especially.
Ok after that – I think it was Baby Can I Hold You. I can’t actually remember but I’m just going thru my pictures. They went off and changed into smart black suits and white shirts and sang Baby Can I Hold You from the left side of the stage. I couldn’t see them as well from there. Then they did You Needed Me, accompanied by the picture frame props from the video.
Before the show there was a text competition to come on stage during the show and see the boys. One woman from near the back won it and she came on stage and got a hug from them all. Several from Stephen as she claimed he was her favourite. The jealousy was quite apparent when she was getting hugs from them all.
After that – I Love The Way You Love Me with the dancers doing strange things to long drapes hanging around the stage. Meh.
Then they took their smarts jackets off and introduced a new song called something like Can’t stop Thinking About You. Good upbeat catchy one – excellent. I loved it by the end of the first line.
I think after that and quite a surprise to most people, they all sang Life Is A Rollercoaster (Ronan’s most successful solo hit). Keith sang a bit and there was sweet banter between him and Ronan. Bless.
Then another pause – James McNally, musician extraordinaire did a marvellous drum solo on a kind of hand drum thing which got more and more complicated and then eventually went into the opening of A Different Beat. This is an amazing song to do live cus the crowd do the hand movements and it sort of unites the crowd.
Then they said Thank you’s and went back down on the lifty thing at the back of the stage.
The crowd were chanting Boyzone while lights flashed around in the dark. They came back on in smart white suits and walked onto a round moving stage that went out over the middle of the audience as they sang No Matter What. It began to move back towards the stage towards the end of the song but then stopped again over the middle block. The song finished and Ronan said we’ll be here for the next 2 hours or so and laughed. It then became apparent that they were meant to be back on stage to do the last number and the moving stage that was hung from the ceiling had got stuck. They joked that that was not supposed to happen and that we’d have to get them down. The crowd cheered. They went into the last song anyway which was Melting Pot – again a good crowd uniting song, and the stage managed to move back to the stage where they finished the song and took their bows.
I tried to get out quickly when the lights came on cus I had to get on the train at 11.00 but it was only 10.30 when it finished and I had thought it might finished later than that. However, when I got along the road, I realised I was much closer than I thought to the train station, as the taxi ride when I got there had gone round a one-way system and there is a pedestrian bit that google maps doesn’t show you. I walked back to the station with masses of other people on cowboy hats and holding posters and got on the train back to Bris.

All in all – great night.


One response to “Boyzone – Back again.

  1. hey,,thank’s for sharing…
    i wish i was there, i’d never saw them in concert…
    and i’m dying to see them

    good luck, cheers from indonesia

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