Moving stuff.

On Wednesday, me and dad went down to Dartmouth to pick up our new toy. It happens to be an Airstream caravan which belongs or used to belong to a friend of ours who lives in Dartmouth and was keeping this thing in the field where his office is. We’ve just bought it off him and have a field to put it in in Saltash in Cornwall. However, this thing is 8ft wide and 27 ft long. It also (being American) has a difference size towball so cannot easily be towed by a large car.

We managed to find a flatbed truck that had trucks more than 8ft wide so booked one of those. Getting it on the truck proved to be quite simple in the end. The truck had loads of high tech parts that came out and we put it on the back and drove it to Cornwall. The hard bit was getting it to the field was it was down a long narrow lane with not many turning spaces. We decided to abandon that idea and take it off the recovery truck at the top of the road on a large junction. From there, we attached it to the back of Dad’s car (Nissan Navara big truck thing) which was ok to go about a mile down the road. We managed to get it a bit stuck on some large stone gateposts not far before the field, which meant we had to unattach it, and swing it round manually and then connect it to the car again. Eventually with the help of Nick the previous owner and his pick up truck, we got it down the lane and into a space next to the field where it’s going to go eventually which is currently headheight with grass and nettles.

After that, we had to drive to a nearby boatyard to pick up a trailer for dad’s workmate.  We were making the most of this trailer to pick up a boatmast from further down in Cornwall. and take it back to Bristol. It was a bit bad in that we didn’t arrive at this place until gone 8.00 in the evening. I think we did a pretty good job adding randon parts of wood and rope to this trailer so the 11ft mast could go along it and not stick up miles above the car. It was a bit difficult so we compromised a bit by having it sticking out quite far at the back. At least it was low down there. As it was quite late, the roads through Cornwall and going up the M5, it was nearly empty and we got back to Bristol without any problems about 1am. Well – everything sorted.

Went out last night with friends. Bit of a school reunion cus Dawn was back in Bristol just for that day so loads of us were meeting up for drinks. Me and Vikkie had to be elsewhere at 8.00 but we had a good catch up and a drink with the old lot and then went to the Assembly. The usual quiz was on. We weren’t up to our usual standards of winning by miles but I don’t think it was our fault. The questions are definitely getting hard lately and the quiz has become quite popular especially with slightly older people. There were 9 teams there last night. We managed to come 3rd which wasn’t too bad but there were a few questions we should have got right. It was fun anyway but I am very competitive so humbug to the lot of them. Maybe we’ll have another go next week.


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