Monthly Archives: September 2008

Ramblings and music

Oh good god, I haven’t written anything on here for a long time. I seem to have been a little distracted with Livejournal comms and friends on there as well as just outside the internet kinda life. (what’s that?)

I actually have a proper job. I’m starting next week. Go Outdoors – the outdoor shop chain is opening a new massive superstore in Bristol just down the road from me and I’ve got a job there starting in monday. They aren’t opening for a bit so most of the work will be unpacking stuff and making it look like a shop.

I’m graduating on friday. We’re off to Plymouth tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to get down there and see everyone. Obviously everyone off the coruse as well as a few others who are back down in Plymouth. I miss being at uni. It hit me that I’m not going back cus people’s facebook status’s seem to be all going-back-to-uni related and I’m staying here now.

I was watching Jools Holland musicy showy thing the other night. I just wanna say R.I.P Rick Wright. He was the keyboardist in Pink Floyd and more recently has been playing with David Gilmour on his solo stuff. He died last week after a short battle with cancer.

I also saw a bit of Elbow. For a band that have been going on for quite a while I seem to have never really heard one of their songs. They performed the first track which I thought was rather banal. It just sounded like every other white middle class male dominated indie band.

The second track they played was one called One Day Like This. It started with a great violin piece and is a really good song. I downloaded it and have been playing it quite a lot. Great track.

I’ll write more blogs on here. I think I’m starting to settle back in Bristol properly now. I dont seem to have much of a social life anymore which is depressing me but it’s so different when you’re not living with your friends with other friends round the corner and meet up daily in Uni or for a drink. The Parentals don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about things like going to the cinema or for a walk to down to the sea. The Sister is also not quite in that area, even though she is young she is college age and not moved away or got to that more student/young adult state of mind.

I’m off to catch up with blogs now.